Sperb’s Herbs is all about helping people be healthier through integrative medicine. 

Every Saturday at 9 am starting on August 3, 2019, we will have podcasts directed to integrative medical professionals and anyone who wants to learn about various herbs. Check out our podcasts below from Sperb’s Herbs, Chinese Singles, Chinese Formulas, World Herbs.

Our first podcast is now available! And our Second one just got posted!

Shi Quan Da Bu Tang – Sperb;s Herbs Chinese Formulas Ep. 1
Gou Qi Zi – Sperb’s Herbs Chinese Single Herbs Ep. 1
This one is personal: this is the formula I have been on for quite a while now. It lives up to its translation of "All Inclusive Great Tonifying Decoction." It is kind of an all-purpose formula in that it tonifies all four of the basic substances: qi, blood, yin, and yang. Listen here: CF1 - Shi Quan …
Gǒu Qǐ Zǐ, also known as Goji or Goji berries, has become an incredibly popular "super food" in the last several years. This podcast will explore this herb, it's Chinese history and uses, as well as the hype surrounding it. Is all the hype deserved? Or not? Listen here: Approved for both California Acupuncture Board CEUs and …