Sperb’s Herbs Ep. 7 – Warm and Release the Exterior Herbs

This is not only Sperb’s Herbs first discussion of a category of herbs, it also happens to be the first category of herbs learned by most practitioners. Join us as we explore how external conditions occur and how they are treated using Warm and Release the Exterior Herbs. As usual, we will look at traditional sources as well as some of the science surrounding these herbs. Join us for this fascinating journey!

Every two weeks an exciting new episode of the Sperb’s Herbs podcast is recorded. This episode will cover one of the traditional categories of herbs. Besides covering the basics of Chinese herbology including the herbs in the category, and common functions, we will explore the science, pharmacology, evidence, and any potential interactions of the category of herbs. And then there is always something a little quirky about an episode. Whether that is a unique story or an interesting perspective, there will always be something different to learn about.

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