Advertising on Podcasts Works!

In 2016, 57 million Americans listen to podcasts on a monthly basis and 35 million listen weekly…that is an increase of 30% in just one year.* Podcasts are hot! And advertising on them is even hotter. There are a bunch of reasons for a company to advertise on the Sperb’s Herbs podcasts. Check some of these reasons below. Or just go to our Media Kit.

*Statisitics taken from  Is podcasting ready for your brand? State of Podcasting: 2016, from Authentic, A Podtrac Company. Get this report here.

Effective Ads

Advertising on podcasts works for many reasons. First, each sponsor on Sperb’s Herbs gets multiple mentions per cast. They get personalized and personable ads. There are a limited number of advertisers per episode. And every sponsor is supported on our website. Ads are perpetual and not limited in time. We are mobile. Most importantly, our listeners are guaranteed to be very interested in a very narrow area.

Multiple Mentions

Each sponsor gets a mention early in the episode as the show is being set up. The ad is embedded live into the podcast in the middle of the show, and then there is a thank you to each sponsor in the post-roll. Advertising research shows that multiple mentions (at least two) means more effective advertising.

Personal Ads

Each ad is read by the host during the podcast. This personalizes each read and makes it more real to the listener. And that means more effectiveness.

Limited Number of Advertisers

Each episode of Sperb’s Herbs has a very limited number of advertisers. This means advertisers are not crammed together and their messages are not lost to the noise of other advertisers.

Website Support

Every advertiser receives a place for an advertising copy and links to their website on This supports direct calls-to-action and creates multiple methods of connecting with customers.

Perpetual Ads

Once an ad is embedded in a podcast, it is there permanently. That means your advertising works the day the podcast goes live and for as long as the podcast is available for download.  And each podcast is designed to be listened to multiple times by students and those wishing to really learn each herb. Not to mention that students and professionals will be discovering these podcasts for years to come. Your ads will last years and will probably be listened to multiple times.

Specific Listeners

Our listeners are interested in theirs or other’s healthcare. And they are interested in natural medicine and herbs. This means advertisers can target exactly the kind of customers they want and not waste time or money on advertising to non-interested parties. And studies show that podcaast listeners are considerably more affluent than the average population. They have the means to purchase your products.

We are Mobile

Sperb’s Herbs website and podcasts are completely optimized for today’s mobile world. That means there are no limits to where your advertising can go.

Join Our List of Sponsors Today

To see our current Media Kit, click here. To talk to one of our advertising specialists, please use this link and we will respond by the end of the next business day. We look forward to working with you and helping your business become more successful.