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This episode, we are exploring another important category of herbs: Herbs that […]

The Chinese herb Bai Tou Weng (Pulsatilla) is not an A-lister, but […]

Hops is a traditional European herb with some interesting uses. And it […]

Ma Huang is one of the most useful and absolutely the most […]

This  episode looks at an interesting formula in the nourish and tonify […]

Picture of Melaleuca_cajuputi - Paperbark

Melaleuca Cajuputi, commonly known as Paperbark, is an herb used by many […]

Picture of Devil's Claw-Harpagophytum_procumbens

Devil’s claw is our first herb from Africa. It is supposed to […]

Picture of fresh garlic

This episode covers a Chinese herb and one of the most widely […]