These are my favorite herbal patches and they work amazingly well. Herbal patches are small (around 3 x 4 inches) rectangles of cloth with a gel on one side. This gel contains the active ingredients and herbs. These are great for areas with relatively less movement (great on the low back, buttocks, and the neck). Put a patch on the affected area and forget about it for several days. They provide pretty continuous effect and are great for aches and pains that feel better for a short period of time after applying a balm or liniment, but comes back shortly thereafter.

Drawbacks of patches include a relatively small area of effect (though you can certainly use several), irritation in the applied area, and they may be difficult to self-apply especially on the back.

Patches can be cut and shaped as needed. Peel the plastic backing off of the medicine side and carefully apply so as to avoid wrinkles or bubbles. I do recommend shaving any hairy areas as removal of a patch will pull hair and can be very uncomfortable. I usually recommend removing a patch after two or three days and to do it slowly under a hot shower or bath. If there is any redness or itching, remove patch immediately.

These patches use herbs that will move qi and blood as well as herbs to help the body heal trauma. What almost all pain relieving topicals and patches have in common is one of the most commonly used pain-relieving substances: menthol. It is widely used in topical applications and gives that distinctive cooling sensation present in many medicinal topicals. It also gives off that distinctive smell. It is used so widely because it actually works on kappa-opioid receptors which reduce pain. It appears to be antibacterial as well.

Chinese Functions

Warms the area, promotes circulation of blood and qi, eliminates blood stagnation, alleviates pain, and stops bleeding


Patches and other pain-relieving topical applications generally should not be applied to open or weeping wounds. Caution should be employed during application to prevent contact with the eyes, mucous membranes, or genitals, even after washing hands. If there are any signs of skin irritation, cease use immediately.


Weight 4 oz


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