Integrative Pharmacology, 2nd Edition – Signed by the Author



At last, the book on Western drugs that OM students and practitioners have been waiting for! Unlike other texts that cover herb drug interactions, this unique and thorough text is organized by western drug, rather than Chinese medicinal, making it fast and easy to use in your clinic on a daily basis. For each category of drug, Dr Sperber provides the generic names, pronunciation, and registered proprietary versions, an explanation of function, mechanism of action, dosages for adults, children, and the elderly, possible adverse affects, red flags, and the most up-to-the-minute information on specific drug-drug and drug-herb interactions that may affect your patients.



  • Commentary by Bob Flaws on a three-part system for evaluating Western meds using Chinese medical principles and a Chinese medical analysis of each class of drugs using this three-part system.
  • Over 130 illustrations showing the functions and mechanisms of each type of drug
  • Page-by-page glossary of potentially difficult terms throughout the book
  • A user-friendly design that helps you quickly find the information you need
  • NOW includes pregnancy risks for each drug and over-the-counter drugs


ISBN-13: 978-1891845697

AUTHOR: Dr Greg Sperber

479 pages, Softcover


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