In this book, you will find information such as:

  • How to decide whether to bill insurance or not in your practice
  • Detailed directions on how to work with over 15 major insurance companies or conglomerates
  • Samples of more than 25 forms that you may need to use in varying situations, along with complete instructions for their use
  • Details of how and when to use each type of code and which codes NOT to use!
  • Access to an acupuncture-specific insurance website for downloading forms, getting industry updates, and much  more!
  • Best practices for planning your patients’ care when insurance will be billed
  • How to actually submit and manage a claim whether you are billing private fee-for-service insurance companies,  managed care, workers’ comp, or personal injury cases

Product Details

ISBN: 1-891845-59-4

AUTHORS: Dr. Greg Sperber, Tiffany Andersen-Hefner

230 pages, Paperback


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